The Tomb of the Bulls  Frescoes Mug 11oz (0.33 l)
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The Tomb of the Bulls Frescoes Mug 11oz (0.33 l)

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This obscene mug depicts obscene sex scenes and if you are offended by 6th century BCE sex, you should stay away from this!

The image on the mug contains two frescoes from the Etruscan Tomb of the Bulls (from the Monterozzi Necropolis near Tarquinia, Italy). 
The first fresco shows a group activity of two men (painted in darker colours) and two women having sex. One of the men seems to perform oral sex on his female partner. The other couple is having sex right on the back of the male from the first one. Even with these orgies happening, one should pay attention to the bull nearby. The animal’s eyes are wide open (honestly, whose wouldn’t be?), but otherwise the bull seems to rest calmly.

The other fresco depicts a similar scene. There are only two people having fun, but this time they both seem male. One of them has long blonde hair, but a dark skin tone, and even more convincingly a penis, indicate it is definitely a man. The other is painted with a much lighter color, but the general shape of the body resembles a man close enough to take it for granted. The bull is present here as well, playing a much more active part. The animal is running and attacking the gay couple. Moreover, this is no ordinary bull, but it a human face with a beard and a penis of no small size.

The meaning of the scenes is probably not homophobic, but apotropaic - it was meant to bring good luck and to protect against the Evil Eye. 
Mug details:
- White ceramic
- 11 oz (0.33 l)
- Rounded corners
- C-Handle
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