"SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS" Julius Casear Unisex Short Sleeve T-shirt
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"SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS" Julius Casear Unisex Short Sleeve T-shirt

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On the Ides of March in 44 BCE, the most well-known assassination of ancient Roman history took place. Julius Caesar, who had been proclaimed "Dictator for life" just a few weeks before, was stabbed to death by a group of senators.
After winning the civil war against Pompey and his allies, Caesar usurped all power in Rome. Respected senators like Brutus and Cassius didn't like the course of things at all, saw it as a threat to the republic and decided to act. They formed a conspiracy in order to prevent the overly ambitious Caesar transform Rome into a monarchy. They were willing to use any means necessary, which meant only one possible outcome - an assassination. They went through with the plan and Caesar died on the Ides of March after being stabbed 23 times. Ironically, this all happened in the Theater of Pompey.
It was traditionally believed the Brutus said the words "sic semper tyrannis" ("thus always to tyrants") while committing the act. Even though that is highly unlikely, the words symbolize the main reason for the deed - freedom is so very important that even the most brutal acts need to be done in order to preserve it.
If you believe that their deed was justified, show it by wearing this t-shirt. 
The image comes from the painting of Vincenzo Camuccini and the original can be seen in Rome in Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna.
  • Unisex T-shirt
  • Light fabric (4.2 oz/yd² (142 g/m²))
  • 100% Soft cotton (Heather colours 52% Cotton, 48% Polyester)

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