Alexander the Accursed Unisex Short Sleeve T-shirt
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Alexander the Accursed Unisex Short Sleeve T-shirt

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Alexander the Great has often been considered a military genius an admired hero. However, let's not forget the dark side of his career and conquest. 

Alexander might be guilty of patricide. His father Philip was assassinated under very suspicious circumstances and although Alexander blamed the Persian, we cannot be sure what really happened. The truth is that no one benefited more from the late king's death than his immediate successor.

One thing we can be sure of is the quick death of Philip's wife Cleopatra Eurydice (not Alexander's mother, but another wife of his dad - Philip had many wives) and her two children, Alexander's half-siblings. Alexander's mother is accused of murdering the children, but Alexander at least tolerated this crime.

Alexander is guilty of many war crimes. He routinely killed all the people he found in the cities that had not surrendered and had to be conquered by force. This really happened many times (Thebes, Tyre, Cyropolis...)

He razed Thebes, one of the leading cities of Greece and had its entire population killed or sold to slavery. Thebes had resisted his power and stood against him openly. Interestingly enough, so did Athens. Yet towards that city, Alexander was generous to the point that Athenians erected a statue of him. Why this difference? Alexander needed the Athenian fleet.

He prepared an especially cruel death to Batis, governor of Giza that resisted his siege for a couple of months. Just like Achilles did to Hector in the Illiad, Alexander tied Batis's body to the chariot and drove around the walls. The small difference between Alexander and Achilles can be found in a fact that Hector was already dead when tied to the chariot, Batis was not.

He set the Persian royal palace in Persepolis on fire (and was drunk when he made this decision).

He destroyed the sacred texts of Zoroastrianism and killed/persecuted the priests of this ancient religion.

He personally killed Cleitus, one of his friends, who accused him of being a lesser man than his father Philip. Cleitus had previously saved Alexander's life. It didn't help him one bit. 

He even had Parmenion, his own most senior general, killed because of an unproven connection to an unproven conspiracy of his son. 

Centuries later in Persia, no one celebrated him as a liberator, or as "the Great". Instead, his usual name was "Alexander the Accursed". 

Alexander has sometimes bee identified with Dhul-Qarnayn, the "Two-Horned" one mentioned in Quran. If this identification is correct (and that is a big "if"), the association with horns may come from Alexander's coins. He is sometimes depicted with horns there to strengthen his connection with Zeus Ammon, his official divine father. Indeed if one can find a statue of a seriously -looking bearded man with ram horns in a museum, there is a good chance it really is Zeus Ammon. (Beware the statues that lack the serious look. Those may depict Pan in some mischief). Nevertheless, in modern times the combination of Alexander with horns also leads to his association with the Devil. That is a huge leap from "the Great", isn't it?

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